Thursday, March 5, 2015

Weird Cult(ure) + SEBP = A Sexy Fun Time!

Hey again everyone!

Like we mentioned in our last post we had an amazing time with our recent visit to St. Louis!  One of the highlights was the Blogger Boudoir Night that was hosted by June D'Angelo of and Laura Heying of for their very first Mooncult Meetup featuring Sweet Emotion Boudoir.

Laura was one of the lovely ladies that had a mini-boudoir experience and we are so happy she did! She was our first shoot of the evening and you could tell she was nervous, but that didn't last long :-) In her blog she says, "Abrams’ was completely professional and eased the process along with some much-needed direction." and "Check out Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography if you are looking for a fun, sexy experience.  Michael Abrams is a pro!"

With the help of stylist Kristen Parks, we produced some beautiful images of Laura who says she "doesn't even really like regular photo shoots of myself in the first place."

See for yourself...

Thank you Laura!

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