Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's Time To Name Your Own Price!

Have you ever wanted to do a boudoir shoot but stopped because you couldn't afford it?

Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography believes that every woman is beautiful in their own special way and that they should have an opportunity to capture it for a loved one or for themselves. Our goal with every client is to make them feel empowered, self-confident, beautiful and SEXY and a heavy price tag should not stand in the way.

Which is exactly why we are bringing you the Name Your Own Price program!

We will be offering 10 NYOP sessions right now to see how it goes. If it goes well, then we might continue offering a certain number of NYOP sessions each month. But make sure to get on board now in case we decide not to!

So here's what you do!

Email us at with what you are looking for in a shoot and the price you want to pay! No reasonable offer will be refused. If we aren't able to do something with the offer you make, we will counter-offer with a package that we think could work for both of us. Please understand that Sweet Emotion Boudoir Photography is a business and that we need to be able to cover our expenses at a minimum and make a little on the top as well. So with that said, all offers should be $500 or above. The average price range our clients spend on a session and products is $1500 - $3000, so we think the minimum is definitely fair. This is not a discount of prices on our end. We will take your offer and work it into our system to give you the best possible return on your investment.

It get's even better!

We know that it might be difficult to come up with a large sum of money all at once, so we are offering payment plans to fit your budget and make your boudoir experience a reality! With this in mind, you have the opportunity to make a higher offer and get more with your session knowing that you can pay over time. The payment plan is 0% interest and has no hidden fees. Once your offer is paid in full we schedule a date and time for your shoot and that's it. Simple as can be!

And just because you are going through the NYOP program that doesn't mean you will get less attention, customer service or quality. You will get the same experience that each one of our beautiful ladies get no matter what you pay!

We offer Supermodel Experiences, Bridal Boudoir and Maternity sessions. Our products include prints, albums, gallery canvas wraps, digital images, a specialty item called the "Man-gazine" (make sure to ask all about it) and even calendars! We even have our own hair and makeup artists if you would like that included in your package!

So what's stopping you? Email us with your offer today and let's get your customized boudoir experience rolling!

Want more info about us? Please visit our newly designed website at for sample images, descriptions of our services, raves, FAQ's and videos.

This offer if for the surrounding areas of New York City and St. Louis. BUT if you are from a different area still email us and we can see what we can do!

Looking forward to hearing from you and creating some amazing images!

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